A devastating storm named Hurricane  Florence converged down on the East Coastal area of United States packed with winds of 140 miles/220 kilometres per hour. As per the government alert, the more than million citizens had move out form the region for saving their life from the rage of this devastating disaster.

President Donald Trump announced severe alert to the citizen on Twitter, “ This is one of the worst storms to hit the East Coast in many years. Please be prepared, be careful and be safe!”

Henry Mcmaster the Governor of South Carolina, instructed to leave their own home almost one million citizens on the eastern coast of the state, as soon as possible before the arrival of the storm on Thursday. All the school of 46 counties of 26 states were ordered to close from the Tuesday.

In North Carolina, the governor announced the notice of evacuation on the Outer Banks and the popular tourist destination barrier island, as well as the on the coastal Dare County. In Virginia, a national emergency was declared by the government.

Mcmaster said, “ This is a very dangerous hurricane”. He also added, “ the evacuation order for coastal counties was mandatory, not voluntary.”

The Governor informed the reporters, “ We do not want to risk one South Carolina life in this hurricane. We are liable to have a whole lot of flooding.”


The eastern coastal areas of United States has been already submerged by the heavy rain, in this situation the devastating hit of Hurricane Florence the strongest storm of this decade can bring calamitous flooding in this area.

According to the advisory of the National Hurricane Center, Florence was 525 miles far from the south-southeast Bermuda and as per the forecasting, the hurricane would pass between the centre of Bahamas and Bermuda on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Florence is recently moving at almost 13 miles per hour to the west.

Hurricane Florence, the Strongest Storm of the Decade is Stalking the US Coast 2/us.tnbclive.com

The NHC said, “Florence has continued to rapidly strengthen. It is expected to be an extremely dangerous major hurricane through Thursday. ”

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