Hillary Clinton Mocks At President Trump With Parody Of His Letter To Turkish President - TNBC USA

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton has posted a joke letter on Twitter that is supposedly sent by John F. Kennedy during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, wrote in the excitable style of the United States President Donald Trump’s recent letter to the Turkish President. 

The parody letter has been doing the rounds for a few days on social media, is written on the White House letter paper and addressed to Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev. 

The letter reads, “Don’t be a d***, ok? Get your missiles out of Cuba,” pretended to be from President John F. Kennedy. 

“Everybody will say ‘Yay! Khrushchev! You’re the best!’ But if you don’t everybody will be like ‘what an a******’ and call your garbage country ‘The Soviet Bunion’.”

The written letter echoes the odd tone of President Trump’s October 9’s letter to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which he has warned that he would wreck the economy of Turkey if its attacks in Syria went too far. 

President Trump wrote in the letter, “You don’t want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people, and I don’t want to be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy – and I will.”

However, many have considered it to be fake. 

The mocked-up letter from President Kennedy to Khrushchev ends, “You’re really busting my nuts here. Give you a jingle later ‘before signing off’ Hugs, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.”

Ms. Clinton mocked that the letter had been “found in the archives”. 

Hillary Clinton was defeated by Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election, has also backed efforts to impeach him over his dealings with the Ukraine President and also regulatory targeted by the President during his speech. 

In the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy and Khrushchev have faced off in a moment of high diplomatic tension that has threatened to tip the world into nuclear war.

The United States of America had found Soviet Missile Installations in Cuba, just miles off the Florida Coast, and President Kennedy has immediately imposed a blockade of the island.

At the last minute, the Soviet ships laden with nuclear missiles heading for Cuba has turned back after a secret agreement with Washington.

President Trump has further defended his diplomacy in the Middle East and his military pullout from Northern Syria, which triggered a Turkish cross-border attack against the Kurdish forces.

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