Glimpses of Host Free Academic Awards: Oscar 2019

Glimpses of Host Free Academic Awards: Oscar 2019

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences celebrates a prime time as, after a vociferous build-up, a host-free, more rationalized Oscars revealed a mild uptick in ratings at Sunday night, a pleasing show to eschew the disaster which some assuredly expected.

After a shocking drop in 2018, like the Grammys, the Oscars obtained a passable audience gain.

The show also has been emerged in a significant way with the evolving format including the nominees and winners who are going to face rigid resistance from traditionalists who would protect the institution.

From the scraps of Sunday Oscar night here are five backswings along with those areas which Academy will firmly regard in the postmortem conversations:


The Ratings

After last year’s overall low, Oscar ratings manifested the remarkable improvement, rising to 29.6 million viewers, per Nielsen data, along with a 12% increase. Significantly, the presence of not only blockbuster nominees but also high profile star like Lady Gaga draws the attention of those viewers who have hardly watched the show.

Majorly, the orientation of the Oscars reflects the Grammys, which also dropped in 2018 and recoiled earlier this month slightly. In the current overpopulated environment, the show just serving like in tennis terms, seems like a reasonable leap over the net, even if the lower level becomes the new normal.


The host

The Oscars normally focussed on the host as a means of enhancing the show, since which is one of the few new elements from year to year. According to the exhibition manner, the absence of a host completed the role in this year-  surprising what the show would look like – and not avail availing one’s role did assist the rationality of the ceremony and put the focus on the nominees.


The structure

The Academy drew back the plans to introduce four technical categories during the commercial breaks –  among serious unintended adverse action from its membership – and the joyful speeches by some of the less-heralded winners who made a strong point to invite them in the show.

They told, the offbeat sector of the entertainment world like the documentary, animated short-films which has seen by few rational audiences, has been distinctly gratified in the ceremony stage of Oscar, unlike other televised awards.


The nominees/winners

The allocated theory for a “popular film” category, then actually nominated and even enhanced several honors to the popular films including “Black Panther”, “ Bohemian Rhapsody” and “A Star is Born”. For the movie like “Black Panther”, the award is given in the recent history of Oscars, it is supposed to go to require this kind of trailblazers, with the recipients building on what they achieved.

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