Pentagon has declared that United States have decided to cancel USD 300 million which were claimed by Pakistan as military aid from them as Pakistan failed to take right  steps for supporting new South Asia Policy taken by US president Donald Trump to restrain the terror acts of diverse group like the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Haqqani network who works to spread separatism  in the world.


In response, Pakistan claimed that the financial assistance of USD 300 million which demanded by Islamabad from Pentagon was not a military help as Pentagon officials claimed. It was a reimbursement amount which supported the reconstruction of the defence group which was affected by terror activities.


Foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the issue would be raised in the upcoming visit of State secretary Mike Pompeo.


He told in BBC, “ The USD 300 million is neither aid nor assistance – it is the money Pakistan spent from its resources against militants and in the war against terrorism. This is the money they (US) are supposed to reimburse, but now either they are not willing or unable to pay back.”

He also added that the US should return the amount to Islamabad as it was spent to frame military group against the terror group for an acquiring common objective to procure peace and stability.

This declaration comes in news just before the visit of Mr Pompeo to Pakistan for attending the meeting with new Pakistan minister Imran Khan. Many countries including the United States have severe complains against the defence policy of Pakistan as they provide safe shelter to the terror groups, as well as separatists network along with the allowance of continuing attacks on the cross-border in Afghanistan.

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