At the time of the escalating tension, US President Donald Trump desires to appoint an acting defense secretary for maintaining the top job in Pentagon, as per the information of the White House and he wants to place a comparatively low-profile and soft-spoken ex Boeing executive military personnel.

After the resignation of his predecessor Jim Mattis due to policy differences with the President, Shanahan has served as acting defense secretary from last year. Shanahan was currently cleared the allegations by the Defence Department inspector general that he had a partial attitude to his former employer while serving in the Pentagon’s No. 2 job under Mattis.

White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders said in a statement, “ Shanahan has proven over the last several months that he is beyond qualified to lead the Department of Defense, and he will continue to do an excellent job”.

The declaration occurred at a challenging period, while the Trump administration has been tussling with the potential confrontations with Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea. It remarks a highlighted reversal from age while the President counted primarily on generals to craft military and foreign policy.

In 2017, before joining the Pentagon, Shanahan spent his career in the private sector with little experience of foreign policy without any military background. But for more than 18 months, he served as deputy defense secretary, supervising the budgets, technology, and weaponry along with further spearheading the drive for the Space force of the US President.

Shanahan claims in a statement that he was respected by the declaration of the US President. He also added, “ If confirmed by the Senate, I will continue the aggressive implementation of our National Defense Strategy”. He professed I remain committed to modernizing the force so our remarkable Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines have everything they need to keep our military lethal and our country safe.“

Shanahan said the US President informed him about the nomination at the White House.

After the declaration, Shanahan told reporters outside the Pentagon, “ I called my mom. She was super happy.”

He also informed, “ for me, it’s about practicing selective neglect so that we can stay focused on the future but not ignore the emerging, really important issues that pop up day-to-day that you don’t plan for”.

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