For Proving Family Bonding, US Plans Rapid DNA Tests For Migrants - TNBC USA

The border authorities of the US decide to arrange rapid DNA tests for the migrant families to determine whether or not the children and adults are linked, according to the officials of the Homeland Security Department.

In several places across the US-Mexico border, a “ Rapid DNA ” test program has launched in the place where tens of thousands of illegal migrants have been crossing the border each month, as well as so many family units, are asking for asylum.

US officials are claiming some adult migrants are attempting to make illicit entry and to remain in the United States using unrelated children and the recent tests target to prevent this.

They also decide to receive cheek wipes of the migrants and use them for proving the parent-child relationship. The officials claimed that the fraudulent will be prosecuted.

An official claimed the condition of anonymity, “ we know the problem we are seeing, we know these are fraudulent family units”.

Almost 190,000 people made entry to the country along with family units without migration documents between October and March, as per the customs and Border Protection statistics.

DHS said interrogating and other probing techniques unveiled that more than 1,000 of these “families” were not what they claimed.

The DNA tests will target on recognizing the relationship between parent and child, not other familiar links like uncle and child.

According to the information of the DHS official, the new programme will ensure whether the use of Rapid DNA a two-hour procedure in which a cheek wiping is proceeded through a DNA analysis process – across the border is potential and reasonable.

The official said, “ this may be the way of the future”.

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