For Discussions On Iran Crisis, US State Secretary Leads To UAE

For Discussions On Iran Crisis, US State Secretary Leads To UAE

State US Secretary Mike Pompeo said that he will visit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for discussions on the crisis inflamed by the downing a US drone by Iran. He said, “ we’ll be talking with them about how to make sure that we are all strategically aligned and how we can build out a global coalition” on Iran.
Iran shot down a US Global Hawk drone on Thursday, saying it had breached its airspace near the strategic Strait of Hormuz – a claim the United States declines.
US President Donald Trump canceled a planned counter military strike Friday, claiming the reply would not have been “ proportionate”, with Tehran alerting any attack would see Washington’s interests across the Middle East go up in flames.
US State Secretary claimed he would stop in the two nations on his way to India, where he starts a visit on Tuesday.
Speaking to reporters as he left Washington, Pompeo called Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates “ great allies in the challenge that Iran presents”.
The US State Secretary condemned a map which was released by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that professed to show a spy drone interrupting its airspace in late May and requested media not to detect it credible.
US State Secretary said, “ you’ve seen that child-like map that Foreign Minister Zarif put out that contrasts with the excellence and professionalism of America’s military and intelligence services”.
The US President said that the map of Iran “should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind about where that unarmed vehicle was — it was flying in international airspace. ”
But the US President repeated the offer of the US President’s dialogue for improving relations with Iran, which the US administration has attempted to depart by enforcing desolate sanctions.
The US State Secretary said, “ we’re prepared to negotiate with no preconditions. They know precisely how to find us”.
He included, “ and I am confident that at the very moment they’re ready to truly engage with us, we will be able to begin this conversation”.

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