Flooding In Canada Compelled To Be Evacuated Almost 1500 People - TNBC USA

Devastating flooding prompted the evacuation of almost 1,500 people in Eastern Canada while over 600 troops have been engaged to manage the crucial circumstances according to the US authorities. After extreme warming weather throughout the Easter weekend, the heavy rains causes spring floods, as well as snowmelts from Ontario to the Southern Quebec and New Brunswick.

The US authorities are concerned at the outset about a repeat of a catastrophic 2017 floods in Quebec, the worst disaster in a half century. A civil security representative, Eric Houde stated, “we are optimistic about the coming days”.

He also added, “There will be significant floods but overall not at the level of 2017, except in certain areas like Lake St Pierre,” a widening of the St Lawrence River in Quebec. The big difference from 2017 is the level of preparation of municipalities and citizens.”

Over the past several days, towns have deployed volunteers and allowed hundreds of thousands of sandbags to safeguard the barriers or for the potential protection of the houses in the threatened areas.

The disaster mostly affected the areas around Ottawa, and Beauce, a South region of Quebec City where almost 800 people were evacuated, as well as more than 1,200 homes had been affected by the devastating flooding in Quebec on last Sunday.

The interim Quebec government and New Brunswick told for the reinforcements from the military.

Almost 200 soldiers had positioned in Quebec by late Saturday, and 400 others near Ottawa, in Laval North of Montreal and in Trois-Rivieres between Montreal and Quebec City. Almost 120 additional soldiers stood at the ready to be assembled in New Brunswick.

On Saturday, the flooding stated its first victim in the municipality of Pontiac, West of the Ottawa: a man seventy years old who ha no idea that the bridge had been washed away and his car plunged into the stream below.

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