Five Rafale Jets set to reach India by Wednesday, further request of Six Boeing P-8I is submitted to The US on a Fast track basis. - TNBC USA

Alongside the continuous meeting in between the India-China Military officials for the disengagement of troops from several friction points in eastern Ladakh, India is keeping a Vigilance eye upon the PLA armed forces. The Defence Minister Rajnath Singh already conveyed last Wednesday that the Indian armed force is ready to retaliate if there is any kind of adversary action.

Already India’s Poseidon 8I  anti-submarine warfare is deployed in Ladakh on that very day to carry out surveillance along the LAC. Now India has started the process to acquire Six more advanced Boeing P-8I by issuing a request to The US on a fast track basis.

The government deal of 1.8 billion USD is likely to be sent for approval to the US Congress and once approved the contract likely to be signed next year.

What India’s P-8I is capable of

The new P-8I aircraft is said to be equipped with COMCASA protected. Which is considered the advanced and secured compared to the ones now available commercially. The atomic sea guard drone is equipped with advanced GPS, with Friend or Foe (IFF) receiver identifier and VHF system, and it’s resistant to jamming and spoofing from enemies.

Along with the ongoing acquisition contract with The US, On Monday, the Indian Air Force confirmed the first batch of five Rafale jets from France-based Dassault Aviation is in transit. Will be included officially into the IAF fleet in Haryana’s Ambala on Wednesday 29.

The jets are now on their 7000 Km journey from France. During the long journey, the Jets will be refueled air to air. The Indian Ambassador thanked and appreciated the French Government and Dassault Aviation at the Merignac facility for their timely delivery of the fighters.

These twin-engine multi-role fighter fighters are capable of carrying nukes and are equally capable of air to air and air to land combat.

Now with a significant Boost in the IAF arsenal, it is expected that these combat Jets will be deployed in Ladakh on the ongoing border tension with China and also to send a message to the People’s Republic of China that India is ready to handle any eventualities.

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