First time in 45 years shots fired on LAC - TNBC USA

Amid the tense situation in eastern Ladakh. On Monday yet another indecent took place where bullets were fired for the first time in 45 years along the line of control.

India on Tuesday confirmed the firing was made from the PLA side in the air to intimidate Indian soldiers at Mukhpari post

The soldiers also identified 40 aggressive PLA troops armed with firearms, spears, and machetes attempting to remove Indian soldiers from the strategic heights at Mukhpari and Reqin la.

In return, the Indian army used floodlights and megaphones to warn the intimidated Chinese troops who fired 10 to 15 rounds of fire in the air.

According to the Indian army, it is the PLA that has been blatantly violating agreements and carrying out aggressive maneuvers, whereas the Indian army is committed to maintaining peace and tranquility but above all the army is determined to protect national integrity and sovereignty at all cost.

On this contrary, China’s Western Theatre Command made a statement on Monday that India is Misleading their domestic and international audiences. India is illegally crossing the lines to enter the south bank of Pangong Tso and Shenpao mountains area and “outrageously firing shots” in a “serious military provocation”. The WTC also added the PLA army is incensed that over 3000 Indian troops with rocket launchers, anti-tank guided missiles, and other weapons are now on the tactical heights at altitudes over 15,000 feet.

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