First Lady Melania Trump Honors 12 Women from Different Countries - TNBC USA

On Wednesday, First Lady Melania Trump attended the International Women of Courage Award at the State Department. It was for the fourth consecutive year; the First Lady participated in the meeting. She gave a motivational speech about courage. 

“I continue to be inspired by the personal stories that accompany each of these extraordinary women,” Trump said during opening remarks. 

“Courage is something that is not easily taught and is closely tied with bravery, humility, and sacrifice.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also spoke.  The First Lady honored women from 12 countries.

Mike Pompeo and the First Lady honored Sayragul Sauytbay as the “Women of Courage 2020” in Washington. Sauytbay, a Chinese doctor, was forced by the Chinese Communist Party to teach Chinese to Muslims in a detention camp. But she escaped the dreaded transformation through education camps in 2018 and reached Kazakhstan. 

Lady Melania Trump also greeted Amina Khoulani, of Syria and a survivor of Assad regime detention. She is the founder of “Families for Freedom,” a woman-led organization for families whose loved ones have disappeared or been detained in Syria. Zarifa Ghafari, of Afghanistan, was also among the awardees who became mayor of a town in Wardak province at 26, despite opposition and risk from male colleagues and constituents.

“Women of my generation have not forgotten the reign of the Taliban, and we are as always worried for the future,” Ghafari said. “Therefore, let me ask for your continued support to ensure that (the) Afghan peace process does not erase the gains that have been made since the dark days of the Taliban regime,” Ghafari added.

Apart from that, women from Afghanistan, Armenia, Bolivia, Burkina, Burkina Faso, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Yemen, and Zimbabwe received the 2020 International Women of Courage Award. 

“Without positive support, guidance, and well-being, which are just some of the attributes today’s children need, they will not enter adulthood with the empathy and strength needed to help others as selflessly as the women here today,” Mrs. Trump said at the annual State Department ceremony. 

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