FAA Understated Crucial Flaws of MCAS System of Boeing: Report - TNBC USA

The specific safety analysis of the flight control system of Boeing is called MCAS and its full form is Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System. Media claimed that FAA understated the power of this system referring the former and current engineers at the US Federal Aviation Administration.

The individual media source claimed that the FAA also did not ransack into the detailed analysis and followed the standard procedure of certification on the MAX, mentioning an FAA representative.

An FAA refused to comment on the report by the individual media sources cited to previous statements about the proceedings of the certifications. It told that 737 -MAX certification process only followed the standard certification process of FAA.

The report also claimed that both FAA and Boeing were up to date about the fact and were questioned for the responses 11 days ago, before the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX in Last Sunday in which 157 people had lost their valuable lives on board. The same model of Lion Air collapsed in the coast of Indonesia in October, snatching 189 lives on board.

Last Monday, Boeing informed that it would implement a software modification to the 737 MAX 8, within few hours FAA told it would approve “design changes”  in the aircraft by April.

A Boeing representative told 737 MAX was certified in observing with the recognizing FAA requirements and proceedings which have authorized the certifications of all previous new airplanes.

The representative told that the FAA came to the conclusion that MCAS on 737 MAX met all the proceedings of standard certification and regulatory requirements.

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