Extreme Powerful Hurricane Willa Approaches on Mexico’s Pacific Coast - TNBC USA

Hurricane Willa, a  terrifically dangerous storm which is considered as Category 4 storm, slightly weakened as it hinged towards the Pacific Coast of Mexico where the popular tourist resorts are located. Though state government of Mexico warned people to leave the areas which can be affected by this terrific storm and also shift to the safe areas.

The officials of Mexico authority took some urgent step for tackling the effect of this critical disaster through closing ports, suspending the marine activities on the beachside, cancelling the classes and also pleading to the residents for evacuating their homes and shifting in the temporary shelters.

This category 4 storm reached to the shoreward of a popular beach resort, in the South Mazatlan of the Northwestern State of Sinaloa. A number of tourist spot in the adjacent state of Nayarit also lie in the path of the storm.

According to the US National Hurricane Center, had become a Category 5 storm which had reached in the higher step of Saffir-Simpson and was roaring near 150 miles per hours.

The National Meteorological Service declared about the possible effect of this roaring storm, such as entire power blackout, the devastation of roofs, even the probable crack on the foundations of buildings up to 500 meters for the blowing storm across the coastline.

The director of SMN, Alberto Hernandez said that the storm would most probably a Category 4 or 3 type of hurricane while it reached in the land and also could make high tide up to several meters high.

The NHC said that the terrifically roaring storm was around 100 miles distance from the west of the town of Cabo Corrientes and is assumed  “ to be a dangerous major hurricane when it reached the coast of Mexico.”

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