Ex American Vice President Joe Biden will declare that his long for the Democratic party’s Presidential nomination for the 2020 election, a familiar source with the planning. 76 years old longtime senator Biden who also served under Democratic President, Barack Obama for eight years, would be involved a mass field of almost 20 other candidates longing to defeat the Republican president Donald Trump.

The mass expectation for Biden is he would make his declaration by video and would bring an end to months of guessing about whether he would challenge the US President, who pursued Obama in the White House following his 2016 victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Next Monday, Biden will meet with the union workers in Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania, a  central state which supported the current US President Donald Trump in 2016 according to the source.

Tours will follow to all four early voting states -Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada – in the coming weeks, according to the sources, including the details were being completed.

The unsuccessful run of Biden for the Presidentship in 1988 and 2008 is also not hidden. He has confronted so many questions in recent weeks about the history of involving strangers at a political event, along with several women coming ahead to say he had made them feel awkward. According to Biden, he is aware of his never acting pretension but also more his mindful behavior.

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