During Reopening of US Government Longest US Shutdown Cost Stabilized At $3 Billion - TNBC USA

The American economy was assumed to around  lose $3 billion from the partial federal government shutdown over the rigid demand by the US President Donald Trump for sponsoring US-Mexican border wall, according to the congressional researchers as about 800,000 federal employees came back to work after 35 days of granted leave of absence.

The unbiased Congressional Budget Office told the cost of the government shutdown will push the US economy to the 0.02 percent smaller than the expected  ratio in 2019. More significantly the consequence will be seen by the individual workers and the businesses, particularly those who were running without pay.

Entirely, the US economy will have to face $11 billion lose during five week period according to CBO. However, CBO expects $8 billion to be retrieved during the reopening of the government and the employees accept pay back.

The longest government shutdown of the US history  has been ended on Friday while Trump and Congress both reached to an agreement to the temporary government sponsoring without  money for this wall – as the effects of the shutdown extended across the country.

According to the demand of the US President the law enactment to sponsor the government  contain $5.7 billion for his long-desired wall along the border between US-Mexico.He claims that it is urgent to prevent the illegal immigration and many other criminal activities like drug smuggling , human trafficking while Democrats call it is expensive, immoral and  ineffective.

A committee of the lawmakers from both parties target first meeting based on reopening issue as they attempt to negotiate for a compatible solution on the border security before the deadline on 15th February.

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