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Due To Internal Agitation in Administration “Angry” Trump Prepared To Reshuffle Staff in White House

by Haimantee Ghosh | November 15, 2018

After a week of contemplation over the midterm election that incapacitated the grip of US President on Congress, an angry US President Donald Trump is composing a reorganization at the White House – frequently inflamed by the declination between a senior staff and his wife.

In the starting of the second half of US President’s first term, a gloomy ambience enveloped the administration because the President reviews the damage from the midterm election, anxiety among some of closest allies of the United States and the recent agitation inside the administration.

The right-wing website quoted him and  The Daily Caller announces that a reshuffle is on the way.

President said, “A lot of people want to come in, a lot of politicians who have had very successful careers want to come in”.

According to the media reports of US, the biggest name of exclusion block will be a  climax as it will be the Chief of staff, John Kelly. As per the opinion of the critic, in the drama-prone administration of Trump, a retired Marine Corps General who bears a funny nickname “the adult in the room” has done very small to soften the most damaging tantrum of the US President.

Unconfirmed but raising leak of the US media recommends the name of Kelley as a member of the chopping block. The internal report stated that the vulnerable position of Kelly has been further eroded by the US First Lady Melania Trump as Kelly denied to promote some of her associates.

From Chief of Staff, 36 years old Nick Ayers to renowned political consultant, as well as Vice President Mike Pence is on the earlier number in the replacement list.

Another assumed victim of reshuffle proceedings is the Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen who is an ally of Kelly and overlooks the tactful tasks to continue the suppression of Trump on the illegal immigration issues.

The representative of Trump’s wife Ricardel enlightened the rumour about the disfavour of US First Lady Melania Trump on Kelly stating that the entire dispute has started with the matter of seating arrangements on the flight which took the US First Lady to a tour of African countries in October.