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Donald Trump Planning to End Birthright Citizenship In US With Executive Order

by Haimantee Ghosh | October 31, 2018


The revolutionary decision of US President to impose a lawmaking order for ending the constitutional law which provides US citizenship to the children who born in the United States. This absolute decision has invited world spread condemnation including his own party.


In his current indomitable eloquence in the meantime of midterm congressional elections, Trump told in an interview with Axios addressing the immigration issue, “birthright citizenship has to end” and it would be “with an executive order”.

Congressman Paul Ryan, the speaker of the US Representative, said, “you can not end the birthright citizenship with an executive order”.

Speaker of the US Representative, Paul Ryan also told in a regional radio station in Lexington of Kentucky, “ we did not like it when the former US President Obama tried changing immigration laws via executive action, and obviously as conservatives, we believe in the Constitution”.

According to the current laws, any child who born in the United States automatically gets the citizenship of USA regardless of the nationality of the parents.

Mr Trump told in an interview with Axios, “ it was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment, one amendment. You don’t have to do it. Number one. Number two, you can definitely do it with an act of Congress. But now they are saying, I can do it just with an executive order”.

The interview was published partially on Tuesday. The entire interview “Axios on HBO” is scheduled to be articulated on Sunday.

US President Donald Trump said that such kind of conventional practice of providing citizenship to any child who born in the US is enough “ridiculous”.

According to him, the United States is the only country of the entire world where any person comes with immigration visa and has given birth a baby who becomes a citizen essentially of the United States for 85 years of lifespan and also enjoys all the advantages and benefits. This practice is quite ridiculous.US President told, “ It is ridiculous. And it has to end”.

US President professed that the proceedings for ending this birthright citizenship practice have been undertaken. He told, “ we are in the process. It will happen with an executive order. That is what you are talking about”.

However, Breitbart News has come out to support the revolutionary movement of the US President. It said, “It would mean the children of illegal aliens, even if born in the United States, would not be bestowed US citizenship upon birth”.

Breitbart said, “It would also likely deter the practice of foreigners having ‘anchor babies’, where they aim to give birth to children on US soil so as to obtain US citizenship for their children at birth”.