Donald Trump Nominates Former Aerospace Executive As US Air Force’s Head

Donald Trump Nominates Former Aerospace Executive As US Air Force’s Head

On Tuesday, the United States President Donald Trump has announced that he had nominated former Aerospace Executive and Arizona owner as head of the United States Air Force.

68-year-old Barbara Barrett has served as the United States Ambassador to Finland from 2008 to 2009 under the administration of George W. Bush. Ms. Barrett has also headed The Aerospace Corporation, which is an Aeronautics Research and Development Centre until 2017.

President Trump exclaims her to be an “outstanding Secretary”.

Donald Trump Appoints Former Aerospace Executive As US Air Force’s Head /

Former Lawyer and Test Pilot, Barbara Barett is a board member at Rand Corporation, a think-tank that offers research and analysis to the armed forces of the United States.

Ms. Barrett with her husband Craig, who is the ex-CEO of Intel, are major supporters of Repbulican. In 1994, Ms. Barrett has operated for governor of Arizona on GOP ticket. She was the first lady to take such a step, but somehow failed to secure nomination for her party.

If her nomination is confirmed, Barbara Barrett will succeed another lady, Heather Wilson, in the post of Secretary of the Air Force.   

Ms. Wilson’s name had nominated as a probable replacement for Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who is about to resign in December 2019, due to differences in Trump’s policies on Syria and other matters as well.

Ms. Wilson has stepped down in March 2019, after the highest level Pentagon department since that of Mr. Mattis, once it became clear that interim Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan would retain the post.

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