In the Southern State of the United States, in Alabama, almost 22 people have lost their lives, as per the report of the US media quoting the local sheriff department.

NBC affiliate WRC-TV Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones as claiming,  “ We are at 22 right now. Unfortunately, I feel like that number may rise yet again”.

Other people have been admitted in the hospital, with “very serious injuries”, while the investigation was still going on about the missing individuals according to him.

Lee County Coroner Bill Harris ensured the death toll and he told the local news station MSNBC  “we have got 14 people dead at this time and I expect that number to go higher .”

Harris informed, “There are some children involved ”, claiming there is an eight-year-old girl was among the dead pursuing the unconfirmed reports.

Jones also stated the damage caused by the storm as “catastrophic” based on the devastation of houses which they have seen.

The remark of destruction left by the storm was a quarter mile wide and widened for the “several miles that it traveled on the ground” as per the information of the Jones.

In the still and video images, the trees are seen being uprooted, as well as split into two parts and the entire area mapped to debris-scattered roads and wrecked houses as the storm terribly affected the whole area.

AS per the effect of the power outrage more than 6,000 homes were left without power in Alabama. The US, while 16,000 experienced badly power cuts in neighboring Georgia.

The Alabama authority alerted that with the ongoing search of the rescuers through the debris in Beauregard, about 60 miles east of the state capital Montgomery, the death toll could reach up to further ratio.

The telecasted images of the devastation show the heavy rain unbent many roads, as well as highly affected areas, were left trashed with debris and became impassable.

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