Deadly Ethiopia Crash Captain, Was Not Trained On Latest Max Simulator - TNBC USA

The captain of the perished Ethiopian Airlines aircraft did not get the scope for practising on the new simulator of Boeing 737 MAX 8 before he passed away in the deadly crash with 157 others passengers, as per the statement of a pilot colleague.

The refresher training of Caption of Boeing 737 MAX, 29 was due by the end of the March, after two months of receiving one of the first such simulators by Ethiopian Airlines.

The 10th March tragedy, following another crash of MAX 8 model of Boeing in Indonesia in October, has triggered one of the largest probes in the aviation world, concerning the safety of a latest automated system and whether crews appropriately understood it.

In both cases, the pilots lost controls just after taking-off and combated a losing fight to prevent their jets dropping down.

The MAX models, which entered into the transportation service of the international airspace two years ago, implemented the latest automated system called MCAS. It plays the role for preventing loss of lift which can generate an aerodynamic stall dragging the plane downwards in an uncontrolled path.

The pilot of the Ethiopian airlines told to media, “Boeing did not send manuals on MCAS ”, refusing to disclose his name as staff have not the right to speak publicly. He also added, “Actually we know more about the MCAS system from the media than from Boeing. ”

Under the remarkable probe, along with rescinding of MAX fleet across the worldwide, the largest aircraft manufacturer of the world has told airlines were provided with the guidance on how to access the activation proceedings of MCAS software. It is also encouraging a rapid update.

Boeing did not respond immediately, to a request for comment on the remarks of the pilot. It has not accepted that 737 pilots should get training on one of the latest simulators for flying a 737 MAX, which has been integrated with larger engines slightly mounted more forward than the previous model.

The former air safety Chairman of the US Airline Pilots Association, as well as an aviation safety consultant, John Cox told, “I think that the differences between the 737 NG and the MAX were underplayed by Boeing ”.

He told to media over the remarks of Ethiopian pilot, “Consequently the simulator manufacturers were not pushing it either. The operators didn’t realize the magnitude of the differences”.

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