Deadly Arctic Boom Push US Midwest to the Grip of Extreme Frosty Weather - TNBC USA

More than millions of people across the Midwest region of US are encountering extreme freezing weather which is only seen in the region of Arctic Circle, as the temperatures dropped not only below zero degrees but also it reached to -50 degree on Thursday. The second day of the terrible freezing weather breaks all the record of bottoming temperature of coldest weather and it caused several deaths across the severely affected region of US, growing the concerns of the government, as well as the most vulnerable populations.

According to the National Weather Service, at Mount Carroll, in Illinois, the temperatures rapidly dived to the -38 degrees on Thursday morning. The weather observer reported it would be the lowest temperature record of the state replacing the -36 degree in Congerville on 5th January 1999.

Frosty temperature across the entire Midwest makes an overload on the existing infrastructure which keeps the coldest regions of America warm. Several alarming circumstances including electrical grid collapsing, airline fuel line freezing raises the concern of the government as the large population of the severely-hit states becomes homebound and turns down the thermostats for easing the burden on the utility system. But the adjustment in infrastructural quality is not always enough. Power outages pushed the affected regions including Wisconsin and Iowa to the alarming unheated darkness.

The officials of the Iowa university informed an “unresponsive” student had been discovered behind the academic hall and died later at the hospital. Police informed the local media that the authority did not reveal the cause of death but the officials suspect that extreme cold weather is the factor for this death.

In another region of US, Ohio authority blamed the chilled weather for the death of a 60 years old woman whose body was seen in a deserted house in Lorain, as per the report of the Chronicle-Telegram.

Government officials of Michigan and Wisconsin announced emergency in the states and gave the order to shut down all the government offices, as well as several state agencies in Illinois, has been closed.


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