Citing Crazy Measures On Sanctions Iran Warns US About Consequences - TNBC USA

Foreign Minister of Iran alerted the United States for undefined outcomes if it attempted to seal off to Tehran the Strait of Hormuz, the strategic platform into the oil-rich nation.

The administration of President Donald Trump has been boosting pressure on the clerical state in this week taking a vow  to suspend all kind of oil exports from Iran by approving any countries that challenge its order.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif  said , “we believe Iran will continue to sell its oil, we will continue to find buyers for our oil and we will continue to use the Strait of Hormuz as a safe transit passage for the sale of our oil ”at the Asia Society in New York  where he was taking part in a UN session .

He said, “ but if the United States takes the crazy measure of trying to prevent us from doing that, then it should be prepared for the consequences”.

The United States, which has a close alliance with the Arab States in the Gulf, has had years of small-scale naval confrontations with Iran, which has periodically threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, the choke point through which 20 percent of oil floes of the world.

Zarif said, “ it is in our vital national security interest to keep the Persian Gulf open, to keep the Strait of Hormuz open. We have done that in the past and we will continue to do that in the future”.

He said, “ but the United States should know that when they enter the Strait of Hormuz, they have to talk to those protecting the Strait of Hormuz — and that is the Iranian Revolutionary Guards”.

The Trump administration currently stained the Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group, the first time the United States has made radical designation against a unit of a foreign government, as it demands Iran restrict support for militant movements in the region.

The influential force, whose mission is to safeguard the sovereignty, is an accusation of the naval defense of the Strait of Hormuz and also has an assembling of other interests, including business.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif was being forced by what derisively called “ the B Team” – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed and US National Security Advisor. He added, “ the B Team wants the United States to take crazy measures, and it won’t be the first time the US has taken adventurous measures plotted for it by others”.

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