China is eyeing on Pakistan, Lanka, Mayanmar Bases - TNBC USA

China now has the world’s largest navy is eyeing to set up logistical bases in the Indo-Pacific region.

Apart from the strategic reach in the Indo-Pacific region, China is working aggressively to double its nuclear warheads over the next decade.

The report was presented to the US congress by the pentagon stating PLA’s Mighty power raging from Long-range missiles, Nuclear Subs to Integrated air defense, space, and electronic warfare capabilities. However, this claim has been rejected by Beijing and says the report is unfair.

China has unfettered access overseas base at Djibouti on the horn of Africa and also to the Karachi and Gwadar ports in Pakistan. According to the report is clear the Current strategy of the Chinese Government is to publish its Millitery logistical strength in the entire Indo-Pacific region covering Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UAE Kenya, Seychelles, Tanzania, Angola, and Tajikistan.

As per the report, China is now having 350 warships compared to US Navy’s 293. whoever the US Navy is far more technologically advanced than China.

Though India has the advantage in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), but as per the current report of China’s Logistical tactics, India should consider it as a threat since the Indian navy has a force level of only one aircraft carrier, 10 destroyers, 14 frigates, 11 corvettes, 15 diesel-electric and two nuclear power subs at present.

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