Expressing grief about the Dream of America and its democracy are under drive in the United States of Donald Trump, the Senator of California Kamala Harris formally announced her candidacy for becoming the first black female President in 2020.

California Senator,as well as attorney general from 2011 to 2017, made her declarement to the defenders outside city hall in Oakland, in the grittier neighbor of San Francisco where she was born.

The former US President commenced himself to California voters in 2017 in the same region before he was selected as the first African American President of the United States a year later.

Harris already declared in 21st January video that she would take drive for President.She joins in a Democratic field with several other candidates asking to keep Trump out of the White House for a second term.

She said, “ We are here because the American dream and our American democracy are under attack and on the line like never before”.

She added, “ When democratic values are under attack around the globe, when authoritarianism is on the march, when nuclear proliferation is on the rise, when we have foreign powers infecting the White House like malware, let’s speak the truth,” she added to raucous applause”.

Without mentioning the President , Harris straightly aimed the estranging policies of his unfamiliar administration.

The father of Harris is from Jamaica and mother is a Tamilian, told that, ”in the face of powerful forces trying to sow hate and division among us, the truth is that as Americans, we have so much more in common than what separates us. ”

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