British Health Minister Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Suspended - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, UK Health Minister and MP Nadine Dorries declared that she has tested positive for coronavirus. In a statement she raised concerns about whether senior government figures have been infected with the deadly virus. The Conservative MP said, “I can confirm I have tested positive for coronavirus… and have been self-isolating at home.”

She further informed that the health officials are trying to trace where she contracted the virus and who she has been in contact with. In Britain, total six people have died from the virus while more than 370 have been affected. She is the first British politician to be diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to reports, she had been in touch with hundreds of people, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson. On Friday, she fell sick while signing a document that declared coronavirus a notifiable disease. However, she is now believed to be on the path of recovery. 

Referring to Britain’s National Health Service she said, “I would like to thank… the wonderful NHS staff who have provided me with advice and support.”

The shocking news has created fear which led to suspension of parliament. Though the authority is reluctant to do so in the middle of a health crisis. 

Nadine’s boss Matt Hancock expressed sorry after hearing the news. “She has done the right thing by self isolating at home, and both NHS and PHE staff have been brilliant. We all wish her well as she recovers,” he added. 

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