Brett Kavanaugh Drafted Exploiting Questions For Bill Clinton , 20 Years Ago - TNBC USA

Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton, the perching US president was dictated to give the right explanation of raging questions about his sexual affair with the 22-year-old intern.

Brett Kavanaugh, the young attorney drafted few of those questions and he also had to face same painful inconvenient coincidence when he was questioned similarly on the base of invasive assault by the senators evaluating whether he should be sure to the Supreme Court of US.

Kavanaugh was questioned by the Judiciary Committee in an extraordinary Senate hearing “Have you ever ground or rubbed your genitals against Dr Ford?” following the accusations by professor Christine Blasey Ford that he attempted to rape her in 1982 party when they were in high school.

The 53 years old Kavanaugh responded. “ No.”

“Have you ever  covered Dr Ford’s mouth with your hand ?” Same reply.

“ Have you ever at the time engaged in sexual behaviour with Dr Frod? ” another no.

It was one kind of tormenting conversation in the hearing  and Kavanaugh became inflamed about the overall process, marking it “a national disgrace.”

This kind of biased unexpected drama is not convenient for the recent virulent political age, in which US President Donald Trump has been also convicted of more than a dozen of sexual misconduct with women and also was presented with a recording in which women commented that let him grasp them by his genitals as he is famous.

Reversing more than two decades, while Ken Starr, the independent counsel was assigned to inspect the financial dealings of Bill Clinton and hired young Kavanaugh for helping that probe.

Before two days, attested to an upscale jury about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, the intern, Kavanaugh  wrote a stirring memo commenting Clinton did not deserve any “break” in choiring until he “ resigns or confesses perjury.”

Kavanaugh executed draft of 10 assaulting questions, most of them sexually precising to ask the president.

“If Monica Lewinsky says that you inserted a cigar into her vagina while you were in the oval office area, would she be lying?” this was written by Kavanaugh in the memo, which was published in the last month by the national archives.

” If Monica Lewinsky says that she gave you oral sex on nine occasions in the Oval Office area, would she be lying? ”

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