Boeing SEO Claimed MAX 737 Crashed As The Pilots Did Not Follow Boeing Procedures Properly

Boeing SEO Claimed MAX 737 Crashed As The Pilots Did Not Follow Boeing Procedures Properly

US-based aircraft manufacturer Boeing CEO professed a significant opinion that safety analytical system of the 737 MAX jets was designed properly, but the procedures had not been followed completely by the pilots, the company had figured out the prevention method of the type of malfunction which caused the two deadly crashes within a span of five months.

The potential anti-stalling software of the company, called MCAS, was a common link in the March 10 crash of an Ethiopian Airlines jet and also in the Lion Air 737 MAX. The two accidents murdered totally 346 people and triggered an international proscribing of the aircraft, according to the report of the US media.

Muilenburg claimed to the media, “ When we design these systems, understand that these airplanes are flown in the hands of pilots  ”, following the annual shareholders meeting of Boeing in Chicago.

He also included that Boeing was not able to find out any “ technical slip or gap” in the making of its safety analysis based MCAS software. It entirely fulfilled the safety and design criteria, and cling to certification protocols, included by the CEO.

In a contradicted statement of the Muilenburg, Ethiopian personals had said earlier this month that all the essential procedures had been repeatedly performed by the flying Ethiopian Airlines 302, but could not control the safety system of the flight before deadly crashing.

In two seasly crashes, boeing has accepted its role .

Muilenburg repeated that Boeing can make some developments for making the 737 MAX safer to fly. He said, “ going forward we have identified a way to improve”.

He added, “I am confident that again will make one of the safest airplanes in the air to fly… We know this is a link in both accidents that we can break. ”

He took the vow that 737 MAX will prove all its advance potentiality required for being the safest plane in the air once. Boeing also develops a resolution of problematic and error some automatic safety feature which is pondered as the main feature of the two crash probes.

The stock of the company has lost almost 10 percent of its value since the March 10 crash, which triggered the worldwide proscribing of the 737 MAX last month, according to the report of media.

Last week, Boeing declared their profit level fell 21 percent in the first quarter due to worldwide rescinding after two deadly crash within a very less span. The company halted its share repurchasing plans for preserving cash.

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