Boeing CEO Claims 737 MAX Aircraft Latest Software Modification Working As Designed

Boeing CEO Claims 737 MAX Aircraft Latest Software Modification Working As Designed

The Chief executive of Boeing CEO informed that a software modification has been implemented to prevent disasters such as two recent deadly crashes in which MAX 737 model was involved and two-thirds customers of the fast-selling jetliners have been experiencing the installing of the simulator sessions.

Since, in his public speech, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg claimed  an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing MAX 737 model which was involved in the recent deadly crashes and snatched 157 lives abroad on 10th March,  would expect additional tests in the coming weeks as the aircraft manufacturer works to get back the trustworthiness of its customers and the flying individuals.

During confronting the largest crisis of the year, Boeing has been working on the minute modification of the software which is under scrutiny in the Ethiopian Airlines accident and a Lion Air 737 MAX crash which killed all 189 passengers on board on 29th October.

The largest aircraft manufacturer in the world is under pressure to pacify the safety concerns of the MAX operators, as well as global regulators, that the aircraft, which was proscribed across the world in March, is now safe to fly again.

Boeing CEO, Dennis Muilenburg told he joined one of the 96 test flights while the Boeing crew performed different testing scenarios which are related with the latest software modifications in different flight conditions over 159 hours of air time.

He also informed, “the software update functioned as designed”, without designating while Boeing will deliver the fix to the international regulators for their evaluation, which is expected to last around 90 days.

Boeing is also taking initiatives to address a temporary malfunction in the equipment while distinct software is incorporated into the system which was exposed during an internal checking, emerging concerns on how long before it presents the latest modification for certifications.

After initial probing the reports claimed a 737 anti-stalling prompted by corrupted data from a key airflow sensor was “ one link in a long chain of events” in the two crashes, claimed by Muilenburg at a leadership forum in Dallas.

He also added, “We know we can break this chain link. It’s our responsibility to eliminate this risk. ” In the last week, Boeing cut is monthly 737 production by almost 20 percent, indicating it did not expect aviation authorities to allow the aircraft back in the air anytime soon. Chicago-based Boeing has not accepted any kind of new orders for the 737 MAX model since the crash in March, nor it could make transportation of the proscribes aircraft.



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