Boeing 737 MAX To Present Before US Congressional Interrogation - TNBC USA

Next week, the hapless model of Boeing, 737 MAX  and the federal regulators will confront first intense interrogation publicly over the issues of two deadly crashes recently.

Republican Senator of Texas, Ted Cruz called for prosecution for the Commerce Subcommittee on Aviation and Space, on 27th March along with three officials of transportation remarkably, the charging director of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Texas Republican Senator, Ted Cruz proposed a second prosecution for questioning the officials of Boeing, as well as pilots and others in the industry, according to the statement. In the two crashes, more than 300 people went the way of all flesh, after taking off in Indonesia in October and in Ethiopia earlier this month.

Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing are under probe by the Transportation Department for the detail occurring of rollout of the victim jet, especially the role of the new safety implementation of the  MCAS stall-preventing system, which was involved in the crash of Lion Air Aircraft in October.

Pilots have lodged the complaint claiming that they had no information about the new system, which can push the nose of the plane down if it gets an imprecise reading from a sensor making it present the aircraft is at risk of stalling.

The committee will lead the prosecution of Charging Chief of Federal Aviation Administration Daniel Elwell, as well as the Chief of Transportation Department investigator, Calvin Scovel, and the Broad Chairman of National Transportation, Robert Sumwalt.

The Federal Aviation Administration informed that it will check the collected information from the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder from the Ethiopian Airlines accident.

The Federal Aviation Administration also told, “ Understanding the circumstances that contributed to this accident is critical in developing further actions and returning aircraft to service”.

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