Boeing 737 MAX Jet Model Faces New Glitch

Boeing 737 MAX Jet Model Faces New Glitch

The Federal Aviation Administration has found a potential problem linked to the flight control computer on 737 Max jets of Boeing that, in rare conditions, could force the aircraft to dive in a vicious, uncontrolled fashion.

Distinctly experienced Federal Aviation Administration test pilots were worried that they could not “quickly and easily follow the required recovery procedures”, as per to a person familiar with the testing who solicited anonymity for discussing the findings.

The problem is not similar to the malfunctioning data issue that inspectors claim involved to the crashes of 737 Max aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

In each of those two crashes, the investigators claim information from an external sensor triggered an automated feature known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, to automatically trigger the aircraft’s nose down.

In the latest case, the problem “ was traced to how data is being processed by the flight control computer” itself, as per to the person familiar with the discoveries. The aircraft has been landed since March. The agency claimed in a statement, “ the FAA will lift the aircraft’s prohibition order when we deem it is safe to do so”.

The Federal Aviation Administration made the discovery during controlling sessions meant to test the aircraft’s overall flight control software and the proposed fixes of Boeing to its MCAS feature. Its checking procedures are integrated to point out and highlight potential risks said Federal Aviation Administration.

The company claimed in a statement, “Boeing agrees with the FAA’s decision and request, and is working on the required software ”.

A company representative refused to reply about how long it will take to point out the new issue or why Boeing itself had not tracked down the risk earlier.

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