Attempting Anything Against the US Would Be Crucial Mistake For Iran - TNBC USA

US President Donald Trump alerted that Iran would “suffer greatly”  if it aimed the US interests after the deployment of an aircraft carrier, as well as more jet   Washington during the escalation of tensions with Tehran.

President Trump also added, “ we’ll see what happens with Iran. If they do anything, it will be a very bad mistake”. US President stated to the reporter at the White House, “ if they do anything they will suffer greatly”.

The statements of the US President came after the United Arab Emirates declared four commercial vessels had been ruined nearby  Fujairah Emirate just outside the Strait of Hormuz. Iran attempt to distance itself from the incident.

Washington pulled out itself from a treaty of 2015 last year between Iran and global powers targeted at controlling in the nuclear plans in Tehran. The United States triggered sanctions on Iran, claiming it wanted to eliminate its oil exports to zero.

United State Secretary Mike Pompeo dismissed a trip to Moscow and on Monday in Brussels sharing information on mounting threats from Iran with the European allies and NATO officials, as per the US special representative for Iran.

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