As First Foreign Leader, US President To Meet New Emperor Of Japan

As First Foreign Leader, US President To Meet New Emperor Of Japan

US President became the first foreign leader to meet with the new Japanese Emperor Naruhito – an honor Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expects to assist charm the US President while it comes to pointed trade discussions. The palace visit in the morning, followed by a royal banquet in the evening, was the main event in a feel-good tour which began Saturday and has seen Abe and Trump playing off, dining out, enjoying sumo and generally appreciating all-Japanese weekend.

Dining with Abe and their wives at a typical Tokyo grill restaurant, the US President said he had “a great time” and was looking forward to the meeting Naruhito, who took Chrysanthemum Throne only three weeks ago, after his father stepped down in the first retirement in two centuries. The US President also said, “tomorrow is really the main event — a very important event in the history of Japan. It’s over 200 years since something like this has happened. So it’s a great honor to be representing the United States”.

In the morning after calling on Naruhito the US President and his declared close friend Abe will meet for the summit discussions and have lunch, before detaining a press conference. They beamed for a selfie and admired each other’s golf game. Before the dinner, Abe also piloted the US President to a sumo tournament where the US President presented an enormous trophy, from the United States to the champion wrestler.

Abe expects those positive vibes will spread into discussions on trade, military ties and the pitching efforts to check the nuclear weapons program, and heightening superpower rivalry between Washington and Beijing.

Within the arrival in Tokyo, the US President denounced against what he experiences as a trade contrast between the top and the third-largest economy of the world and took vows for making the relationship “a little bit fairer”.

But Sunday, the US President hit a softer note, claiming that “much” of that deal would halt until Abe confronts White House elections supposed in July – a’s rumors revolve that the popular Prime Minister will assemble vote with a snap general election.

With his trade war against China getting become stuck, the US President won’t want to rock the boat for his closest Asian Ally.

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