Argentinian Legend Maradona passes away - TNBC USA

Arguably the greatest footballer of all time, the Argentinian legend Diego Maradona dies of a heart attack at the age of 60.

The 1986 World Cup champion earlier had an emergency operation for a subdural hematoma, which is an accumulation of blood between a membrane and his brain just a week earlier.

He was, however, released from a Buenos Aires hospital just over a week after undergoing the surgery, and was to continue his recovery in a private home.

Years of drug use, overeating and alcoholism truncated a stellar career and altered his appearance from the lithe athlete who could slalom effortlessly through teams to a bloated addict who nearly died of cocaine-induced heart failure in 2000.

But he reinvented himself in a stunning comeback in 2008 as coach of the Argentina team, persuading managers that with sheer charisma he could inspire the team to victory, despite a lack of coaching experience.

He had celebrated his 60th Birthday on October 30 and had showed up that night for Gimnasia’s national championship match against Patronato, which his team won 3-0.

He left before the end of the first half, which had raised questions about his health. Before his birthday, Maradona had been isolating at home after coming into contact with a person who showed systems of COVID-19.

In Argentina, he will be remembered and worshipped as ‘El Dios’ – The God – partly a play on words on his number 10 shirt, ‘El Diez.’

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