Amid national turmoil, the North Korean Director is suspected to be in coma.

Amid national turmoil, the North Korean Director is suspected to be in coma.

It seems nothing is going in Korea’s way. The double whammy of the Pandemic followed by the disastrous calamity had moved the nation to its rock bottom.

Now according to North Korea’s news agencies, it is been speculated that the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un is in coma and his sister Kim Yo-jong will be exercising de facto control over national and international matters.

Kim Jong Un sudden disappearance from public life recently led to speculation about his health. Some Journalist who has been keeping a close watch to the Hermit Kingdom has claimed that Kim is dead. As per a Wion News report, Chang Song-min believes raging rumors by claiming that the latest photographs of Kim Jong Un being circulated by state-controlled North Korean media were fake.

Unlike other democratic countries, North Korea’s leader is not elected by the voting rights of the public. Instead, the power has to be passed through Kim’s bloodline. Kim’s grandfather Kim Il Sung began the Mount Paektu bloodline in the country in 1948 which was later delegated to his successors Son Kim Jong Il and grandson Kim Jong Un in 2011.

As per reports from various sources, Kim has three sons and the eldest one was born in 2010. Due to a very young age, the responsibilities of the country now rest on the shoulders of Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong.

However as per the Korea’s intelligence agency Kim Yo Jong is only delegated the responsibility for the relations with Seoul and Washington.

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