Amid Impeachment Inquiry, President Trump Calls For Unmasking Of Whistleblower - TNBC USA

On Sunday, the United States President Donald Trump has called for the unmasking of the anonymous whistleblower whose complaint unveiled the House Impeachment Investigation against President Trump.

His demand comes among an intensifying effort taken by Republican lawmakers to depict the whistleblower and attack his authority.  

Termed as an intelligence official who has once worked at the White House, the whistleblower was primary to raise concerns about the attempt taken by President Trump to impose pressure on Ukraine to probe political rival Joe Biden.

The US President said that “the Whistleblower got it sooo wrong that HE must come forward.”

“The Fake News Media knows who he is but, being an arm of the Democrat Party, doesn’t want to reveal him because there would be hell to pay. Reveal the Whistleblower and end the Impeachment Hoax!” he added.

However, a parade of former and current diplomats and national security officials have since confirmed the essence of the complaint – an apparent attempt to create pressure on Ukraine to investigate the Republican President’s Democratic rival.

At issue is whether President Trump has ordered the withholding of around $400 million in critical military aid to Ukraine to get its new President to probe Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, as well as an exposed conspiracy theory involving the Democrats in 2016 Presidential Elections.  

On Sunday, the whistleblower’s lawyer Mark Zaid tweeted that his client had made a direct offer to the Republican lawmakers to reply to their queries in writing.

The offer was made to Devin Nunes, who is the ranking Republican on the House of Intelligence Committee, emphasized on the desire of the whistleblower that the complaint is managed in a nonpartisan way, Mark Zaid told sources.

He tweets, “Recent GOP messaging, led by President Trump (incl this morning), has been to highlight original #WBer & demand disclosure of identity.”

Meanwhile, some Republican lawmakers have re-tweeted anticipation in conservative media about the identity of the whistleblower.

Another Republican Steve Scalise has said that the whistleblower would be the first person his side would call to evaluate in impeachment hearings in public.

Republicans would have the facility to call their own witnesses and propose subpoenas, under the rules approved by the House for the upcoming impeachment hearings in public.

Mr. Scalise said that “this is a person who claims to be a whistleblower, but even the IG (inspector general) reported that this person has a political bias.”

He continued, “There are many reports out there that the whistleblower actually worked for Joe Biden. That concerns a lot of people.”

The Inspector-General of the United States Intelligence Community, Michael Atkinson has probed the claims of whistleblower and noted “some indicia of arguable political bias,” found them to be “credible” and of “urgent concern.”

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