After Loud Interaction, Four Reporters Has Been Excluded to Cover Kim-Trump Dinner - TNBC USA

White House padlocked the reporters from Reuters, the Associated Press, Bloomberg and the Los Angeles Times from covering a  diplomatic dinner between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong UN after the US President has been Questioned by two of them during his initial interactions with Kim.

The reporters who are the part of the White House press pool, which covers about the whereabouts of the US President. The pool reporters regularly questions to the leaders and they asked the US President about the initiative of the bilateral summit and the testimony in Congress of his former attorney Michael Cohen through “pool sprays”.

Later the reporters were excluded from covering the diplomatic dinner at the White House Representative Sarah Sanders told “ sensitivities over shouted questions in the previous sprays”, as per the report in the Washington Post.

The pool was present during the first meeting between Trump and Kim and shaking hands. In the brief initial meeting, while cameras were rolling, Reuters correspondent Jeff Mason questioned Trump about his expected achievement from the summit and whether he withdraw his demand of the denuclearisation proceedings of North Korea.

Trump gave a long response to the first and told no to the second question. AP reporter Jonathan Lemire questioned the US President about his expectation for ending the Korean War. US President Donald Trump replied: “We will see”.

Reporters were directed out of the room. Briefly thereafter they were returned for listening while Trump and Kim seated this time.

At the closure of that “pool spray”, the reporter of AP, Jonathan Lemire questioned the US President about the reaction to the testimony of the former attorney of US President, Michael Cohen. The quoted remarks of former attorney of the US President, Michael Cohen has been already public, and the US President looked angrily quaking his neck.

During the second interaction, after returning the pool reporters in their workspace, White House Representative Sarah Sanders raised voice concerning about the questions of third “pool spray” which would be limited to the photographers Pool reporters argued against the move and convinced Sanders to include a print reporter, as well as a radio reporter along with the television journalists.

The four reporters, Mason Lemire, Justin Sink of Bloomberg News and Eli Stokols of the Los Angeles Times has been excluded.

Sarah Sanders told in a written statement, “Due to the sensitive nature of the meetings we have limited the pool for the dinner to a smaller group, but ensured that representation of photographers, tv, radio and print Poolers are all in the room ”.

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