After Deadly Ethiopia Crash, Boeing Ensuring Pilot Training and Software Modification - TNBC USA

The CEO of the company informed that Boeing is taking a significant initiative to ensure the future of its transportation services in the international airspaces, such as the software modification, as well as pilot training related to the MCAS anti-stalling feature, under the probe after two crucial 737 MAX 8 crashes.

The President and CEO of the US-based aircraft manufacturer, Dennis Muilenburg told, “ Boeing is finalizing its development of a previously-announced software update and pilot training revision that will address the MCAS flight control law’s behavior in response to erroneous sensor inputs”.

The information collected from the two anonymous industry sources indicated that the modification should be ready in about 10 days.

After the statement of the transport minister of Ethiopia ,  in earlier Sunday, that the similarity between the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash  in the last week and the Lion Air accident involving the same MAX 8 type model aircraft  in Indonesia in the last October, has been presented clearly by the black box data recovered from the recent crash scene.

As per the indication of the statement of President and CEO of the US-based aircraft manufacturer, Dennis Muilenburg, as well as from the industry sources, the MCAS modification is going to be implemented based on the pre-announcement by the company not being influenced by the deadly crash.

He told that MCAS update is occurring “while investigators continue to work to establish definitive conclusions.”

The full form of MCAS is Maneuvering Characteristic Augmentation System which works as an automated safety feature on the 737 MAX 8 designed to safeguard the plane from being trapped into a stall or losing lift.

Both victim model of the two deadly crash Lion Air Jet and the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft were equipped with the specific system.  Before the deadly crash just after a few minutes of taking off, both of victim models faced same erratic steep climbs and dropping and fluctuating airspeeds.

A systemic malfunction was exposed in the Lion Air accident. The models 737 MAX 8 and 9 have been banned in the international airspace across the world since the Ethiopia crash.

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