According to US President the ‘Executive Rule’ Can Bypass Constitution to End ‘Birthright Citizenship’

According to US President the ‘Executive Rule’ Can Bypass Constitution to End ‘Birthright Citizenship’

Based on the revolutionary decision of US President about the “birthright citizenship”, the babies who will be born in the United States and bear non-US originality due to their parents may not be identified as the naturalized citizen of the United States. US President Donald Trump declared his the tough standpoint about immigration issue which directly linked with the matter of ‘birthright citizenship’. According to his plan, no constitutional rectification will be required to end the constitutional convention of “birthright citizenship” in which the children who born in the land of the United States with non-US immigrant parents get the citizenship of America. US President Donald Trump has planned to end this immigration facility convention imposing the executive order.

At the White House, US President told the reporter, “ ‘Birthright citizenship’ is a very, very important subject. In my opinion, it is much less complex t6han people think. I think it says it very loud and clear in the Constitution that you don’t have to go through the process of whatever they are talking about”.

Mr Trump added, “you don’t need a Constitutional amendment for birthright citizenship. I believe that you can have a simple vote in Congress or it is even possible – in my opinion, this is after meeting with some very talented legal scholars – that you can do it through an executive order”.

At the same time, US President told that he would prefer to make the alteration through the Congress which would be a constant thing. He added, “ I would rather do it through Congress because that is permanent. But I really believe we can do it through executive order”.

US President said that the ultimate decision would be taken by the Supreme Court. He said, “ Just so you understand, a person comes in  – was never in our country before- has a baby, now all of a sudden baby is a US citizen. And through chain migration and other things, many other people come in through the baby, it is ridiculous”.

The US lawmakers criticized  US President continuously for his standpoint on the issue of “birthright citizenship”.

Senator Patrick Leahy said, “ this form of citizenship is explicitly enshrined in the 14th Amendment and cannot be undone by presidential fiat. But President Trump does not understand that, or care to, as he has apparently decided that flippantly threatening to upend the Constitution to exploit anti-immigrant sentiment is good politics”.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee said, “ Democrats are offering a better deal, For the people, which put the people first. It means lowering health care costs and prescription drug prices. It means increases in pay through strong economic growth by rebuilding America and it means rooting out corruption and ensuring that Washington works for the people”.

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