On Sunday, three people were encountered and around 15 others were wounded in a shooting at California Food Festival, reports police. 

Police Officers approached and shot dead the suspect “in less than a minute”, said the Police Chief of Gilroy, Scot Smithee. The city of Gilroy is situated 48 km (30 miles) SouthEast of San Jose. 

Police continued that it was “still an active crime scene” at the spot of 3-day Gilroy Garlic Festival, which is one of the largest celebrated food festivals in California. 

Smithee claims that search operation for a possible second accused underway.

He told reporters that “we believe based on witness statements that there was a second individual involved in some way, we just don’t know in what way.”

CCTV footage displays people running way out of terror as shot ranges out.

A witness named Julissa Comtreras told sources that a white man armed with a rifle has opened fire aimlessly, adding that “I could see him shooting in every direction. He wasn’t aiming at anyone specifically. It was just left to right, right to left.”

“He definitely was prepared for what he was doing,” Comtretas said.

3 Died In Shooting At California Food Festival, Gunman Encountered / tnbclive.com

Scot Smithee said that the suspect seems to have entered the popular food festival via a creek, used cutting equipment to break the perimeter of the event. 

Metal detectors and bag searches were functional in the sport as a part of “very high security” at the food festival, he said. 

No motive is yet known but their activities seems “somewhat random” said Smithee, adding that the suspects used “some sort of a rifle.”

Earlier, the United States President Donald Trump tweeted that law enforcement officers were at “the scene of shootings” in the city of Gilroy, urges members of the public to “Be careful and Safe!”

Unexpected Violence

The Garlic Food Festival in Gilroy featuring live entertainment comprises of bands, cooking, and drinking competition, varieties of food, which attracts over 100000 people around 3-days annually, claims organizers. 

The family function is the main point for the small city of nearly 50000. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom said that the incident was “nothing short of horrific”.

Mr. Newsom tweets, “Tonight, (California) stands with the Gilroy community. My office is monitoring the situation closely,” adding that “grateful for the law enforcement’s efforts and their continued work as this situation develops.”

Sources claim that the alleged shooting took place after hearing “loud pops”.

13-year-old Evenny Reyes told reporters that “we were just leaving and we saw a guy with a bandana wrapped around his leg because he got shot. And there were people on the ground, crying.”

“There was a little kid hurt on the ground. People were throwing tables and cutting fences to get out,” Reyes added.

The local police department was quoted saying, “The hearts of Gilroy PD and entire community go out to the victims of today’s shooting at the Garlic Festival.”

Senator Kamala Harris tweets, “Grateful to first responders who are on the scene in Gilroy and keeping those injured by such senseless violence in my thoughts.”

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo tweets, “Praying for lives and recoveries of each of the shooting victims at #GilroyGarlicFestival. We will continue to support our neighbours in any way we can.”

Shooting is a repeated occurrence in the United States, despite the scale of the gun violence in the nation, efforts taken to deal with its legislatively have long been drawn at the federal level.

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