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According to author Kevin Kwan, the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles is the best place to premiere the film portraying of his book, “Crazy Rich Asians”. For more than 90 years, it has presented as a symbol of the dreamy refinement of Hollywood. With its Chinese architecture and artifacts, the building is also pondered as the symbol of another side of Hollywood – one which has adopted the Asian customs and culture for the American audiences.

The profound impact of “Crazy Rich Asians “ had a profound impact on American culture and acquired almost $239 million at the box office. In the releasing weekend, the blockbuster movie reached the top ratio of the box office. Its cast and team have appeared on the red carpets. A sequel of the movie is under pre-production.

But above all, the cultural influence, the box office success, turned on a daring decision. The producers of the film and Kwan declined an exciting offer from Netflix and selected a traditional studio, Warner Bros for releasing the film.

Kwan told, “ We wanted to have that cinematic experience”. He also added, “ We wanted to have a huge premiere and an opening, and we wanted to play in theaters where families, friends, people could really come together as communities and see this movie.”

In Hollywood, Netflix is a proficient force which invested billions of dollars on prestigious projects and new creative talents. It has 139 million users across the world. Its journey to be a benchmark was started from the theater industry in the period of flux.

Wearing a bright red velvet blazer author Kevin Kwan recently stated about the hectic period in 2016 while he had to select who would be assigned the film. He told, “ the process was just probably the craziest day of my life”.,

At one of the time of stressed assignment, Kwan told that he became still for 15 minutes for waiting for the conference call from his director, Jon Chu’s team and producers Nina Jacobson and his team.

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