Would the Price of Apple’s iPhone Get Affected by the Tariff? - TNBC USA

The new tariff released by the U.S President has affected the price of many products such as the aircraft engines, industrial goods, and gas compressors. Howbeit, if the dispute continues the U.S government is likely to increase the tariff on $200 billion on other goods if the dispute continues.

In the China export to the United States, smartphones are the biggest product in the category. The imports of the iPhone seem to be a big loss for the United States. A report suggests that the president has to argue upon the matter. “China has been taking out $500 billion a year out of our country and rebuilding China.” – said the US President.

The breakdown of the costs of iPhone shows that the device could be sold at a higher price after being imported to the United States. While the researches do not show the breakdown of the iPhone it ships to the U.S as well as other countries.

The iPhone 7 has a lot more value in China than in the US. The components that power the iPhone are manufactured in different countries such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The companies are namely Intel, Sony, and Foxconn. The China-based companies which are supplying components that back the iPhone are manufactured by Chinese companies. The other $228.99 goes to elsewhere and somehow gets around $48 and a few among $17. The iPhone models when debuted goes to the Apple coffers.

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