Worldwide Users Report Widespread Outrage: Instagram Down

Worldwide Users Report Widespread Outrage: Instagram Down

An Instagram agitation pushed users of the Facebook-led social network congregating to Twitter for venting frustration. The website presented a spike in reports of Instagram being unavailable in the afternoon, almost hitting 54,000 before diving back down. An Instagram representative claimed in a statement, “earlier today, a technical issue caused some people to have trouble accessing their Instagram accounts. We are now fully recovered and apologize for the inconvenience ”.

The company did not detail in the cause or extent of the outrage. People who are using the Instagram hashtag on a twitter post that seeks to access the service on mobile apps or computers had been met with messages such as “couldn’t refresh feed” or “something went wrong”.

Along with complaints and animated gifts venturing on the inconvenience, some suggested words of wisdom.

A tweet from the account of @stevebratlettsc quotes, “ imagine if Instagram and social media closed every day at 6 pm like a shop”. It also added, “ we would all be forced to meet up and speak to each other in real life, to be present with our families, to work out, to go outside, to read, to make art, music… eurgh, nevermind.”

Meanwhile, some gamers attempting to access the PlayStation network were also met with error messages.

The official Ask PlayStation Twitter account said, “ we’re aware that some users are experiencing issues logging into PSN. Thank you for your patience as we investigate”.

According to, the outrages were focussed in Northern Europe and Britain, as well as in several parts of the United States and Brazil.

PlayStation did not reply immediately to an AFP request for comment in the outrage.

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