Latest Technology News- WhatsApp to Hire Researches for handling Spam

Latest Technology News: After the rapid increase of deaths by the false news and information published on social media, one of the messaging platforms has recently announced to grant $50,000 as an award to researchers, who would examine how the fake information is being spread across social media.

WhatsApp said in the reported statement, “For this first phase of our program, WhatsApp is commissioning a competitive set of awards to researchers interested in exploring issues that are related to misinformation on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Research Awards will provide funding for independent research proposals that are designed to be shared with WhatsApp, Facebook, and wider scholarly and policy communities”.

Brief to the statement, the criteria in the program is that an independent researcher should develop conceptual tools, gather and analyze data, and/or investigate relevant issues. The statement also specifies the eligibility criteria and expectations from participants and mentions two workshops in Menlo Park, California. The company will accept applications sent before August 12. The government on Tuesday said it has conveyed “in no uncertain terms” that WhatsApp must take immediate action to end this menace and ensure that their platform is not used for such Malafide activities.

The messaging platform also supports regional languages that further act as catalysts in the dissemination of messages to the masses. These developments come after multiple instances of mob lynching triggered by motivated messages spread through WhatsApp. Each awardee will retain all intellectual property rights to their data and analyses. The company said it will give preference to research conducted in countries such as India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and others where WhatsApp is a prominent medium of communication.


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