US Attacks China And Huawei Over The Strategy Of 5G Network - TNBC USA

China and the United States are competing to set up a high-speed 5G networks and the US President Donald Trump does not want to be positioned in the second place after China. In the last week, the US President  commenced initiatives to boost up the establishment of new wireless networks throughout the US, claiming “the race to 5G is a race America must win ”.But expart claim the US still have the deficiency of a clear 5G strategy  which goes beyond attacking Huawei, a Chinese tech giant and the largest supplier of the telecommunications equipment.

A former British intelligence official , Nigel Inkster as well as senior advisor at the International Institute for Strategic Studies told, “I think they’ve been rather leaden-footed in the way they’ve responded”. He also added, “Firstly by lacking an explicit, government-articulated strategy in relation to 5G which is only now starting to emerge, but also in arguing or shaping the challenge from China and from Huawei solely as an espionage issue. ”

According to the US officials Chinese companies such as Huawei should not scoped to set up the remarkable infrastructure, like equipment of radio networking and software, that will enable 5G. They alert that Huawei equipment could create a back passage for the Chinese government for potential spying  on the US networks – a claim the company has repeatedly declined.

The intelligence experts have been cynical about the assurances that it is not a security risk factor, concerning the Chinese laws which appear to essential domestic companies for assisting the government in gathering intelligence while the communist party requests it in Beijing.

Inkster claimed, “ The simple fact is, irrespective about the laws on espionage or anything else … the actual reality is that in China, if the party wants something, they’re going to get it”.

As a centerpiece ambition of China 5G can be proceeded   to the leading technology for the world, according to Anthony Glees, the director  of the Center for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham.  He said China has the

Capability to “weaponize” technology such as 5G.

He claimed in a telephonic interview, “They seek to maximize the opportunities they have for extending their influence in the world and underpinning their global position and power”.

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