Uber Introduces Safety Measures After College Student’s Murder Tragedy

Uber Introduces Safety Measures After College Student’s Murder Tragedy

Uber Technologies informed that it unveils new safety features to assist riders to avoid fake rideshare drivers, within two weeks after the murder of a college student, who mistakenly got into her killer’s car believing it was her ride.

The all-new features include steps to identify the right vehicle and to push a notification to remind the riders of the “Check Your Ride” steps before the arrival of the car, wrote Uber in a blog on Thursday.

On Thursday, the features will go live in South Carolina and Columbia and will also roll out across the United States within just a few days.  

The 21-year-old Samantha Josephen, who is a victim, was a student of the South Carolina University.

In July 2017, Uber had launched a public awareness campaign against scams and ways riders can easily avoid getting into the wrong ride, recommended that they check the app twice to ensure the ride matches the one which they had booked.

Uber is also planning to introduce a new tool for university students to offer the service at odd hours when other options are limited. The Pilot programme is about to start with South Carolina University, in which students of other universities can also enroll themselves.

Uber continued, “We’re also launching an awareness campaign on social media, and we’re placing ads in college newspapers and on billboards near entertainment districts across the country to educate students about these steps.”

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