Top Executive Of Facebook Resigns Amid Crisis - TNBC USA

The top executive of Facebook, as well as in charge of all products and the longtime compeer of the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Cox is leaving the company. The high-profile resignation at the social media giant amid around two years of the prolonged dilemma.

The unexpected resignation of Cox, which has been declared by him, as well as Zuckerberg in the Facebook posts separately, comes months after  Crish Cox was elevated in a major identification. In May, Cox became the charge of “family of apps” of Facebook, including Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook itself – which 2.7 billion worldwide users access.

These apps have a distinct attribute before the announcement of Zuckerberg’s plans of unification focussing on the new strategy on privacy.

Cox did not provide any explanation for his departure.

In his blog post, Mark Zuckerberg told that Chris Cox took the decision of retaining on leaving until the company made more progress fighting misleading information and Russian interruptions – disputation that becomes active in the wake of the 2016 election.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg wrote, “ At this point, we have made real progress on many issues and we have a clear plan for our apps, centered around making private messaging, stories and groups the foundation of the experience, including enabling encryption and interoperability across our services”.

He added, “ As we embark on this next major chapter, Chris Cox has decided now is the time to step back from leading these teams.

The tech giant is confronting multiple federal interrogations over data privacy, holding the growth of users in the most profit-making markets, and a record-low reputation with the public.

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