Facebook informed it would initiate new steps to banish content promoting white nationalism and white separatism after an external audit told its efforts were “too narrow”. The audit directed by civil rights attorney Laura Murphy recommended the policy of Facebook did not go far enough by only excluding “explicit praise, support, or representation” of these terms.

Civil rights attorney Laura Murphy, said, “ as a result, content that would cause the same harm is permitted to remain on the platform”.

Responding to the civil rights audit started last year, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg said Facebook would request to secure its policy on these kinds of hate speech.

The social network has been thrashed by criticism that it was more focussed on development than safeguarding users or preventing deception, tormenting, and harassment.

Sandberg said in a statement, “ today’s report recommends we go further to include content that supports white nationalist ideology even if the terms ‘white nationalism’ and ‘white separatism’ aren’t explicitly used”.

He also added, “ we’re addressing this by identifying hate slogans and symbols connected to white nationalism and white separatism to better enforce our policy.”

The report was the second by Murphy, who started a civil rights audit in May 2018 at the request of the leading social network, which has more than two billion users.

Murphy said, “while this audit report shows Facebook is making progress, there is still much more work to do — and Facebook acknowledges this ”.

He also added, “ as the company’s work in this area continues, I want this effort to be even more robust and deeply embedded in the company’s DNA”.

The auditors highlighted that Facebook has been tormented by “persistent enforcement errors” in its efforts for eliminating hate speech.

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