Teenager Apple Hacker Punished with 8 Months Probation Instead of Jail

Teenager Apple Hacker Punished with 8 Months Probation Instead of Jail

A teenager in Australia was saved from imprisonment after hacking the Apple system before several months and also downloading vulnerable data when the court was informed that he was extremely enchanted by the tech giant and addicted to accessing its network.

The magistrate stated at Children’s Court that at the time when the defendant started to hack, was 16 and successfully hacked sensible data and authentication keys accessing the Apple’s internal system. The company complained to FBI( Federal Bureau Of Investigation) and Australian police eventually raided his home.

The magistrate scolded the teenager  whose name cannot be defined as a specific law of Australia protects the juvenile offender’s identity, saying “Your offending is serious.” She said, “ It was sustained, sophisticated, and a successful attack on the security of a major multinational corporation. ” No conviction case was filed against the teenager as he implores guilty of two charges, as well as he ordered to maintain probation period of eight months.

According to the magistrate, the hacking incident was happened in two periods, between 2015 June and 2016 November and in 2017 in April.

The advocate of the teenager represented the excuse in the court that hacking chapter was started through an innocent move as merely he was fascinated with Apple’s technology and passionate about information technology. In an interview to the police, the defendant explained about the appeal “just being in the corporation pretending you were employees” and accessing the accessing the data through specified network had become addictive.


The raid at the teenager’s home disclosed the recovery of two Apple MacBook Laptops along with a hard drive that consisted a folder labelling ‘Hacky Hack Hack Methods Exclude’ which contained 12 files on methods to invade or steal Apple’s security. A prosecutor stated in an earlier hearing that the investigators of Australia recovered around a terabyte of data “sensitive both from a privacy and commercial point of view”, that had been stolen from Apple’s system.

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