Facebook Chief and co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg resumed his defense of the business in the social network, insisting that aiming advertisements based on interests were conflicting from selling people’s data.

Zuckerberg told in an opinion, “If we’re committed to serving everyone, then we need a service that is affordable to everyone ”. He added, “The best way to do that is to offer services for free, which ads enable us to do. ”

2018 was an awful year for Facebook, marked by a sequence of scandals based on the data protection methodology along with privacy with concerns which leading social network had been influenced by foreign interests for the political purposes.

Due to back to back scandals issues, the revenue of Facebook and the user numbers have been ongoing relentless to grow.

According to Zuckerberg, making relevant ads, and less annoying indicates the perception of the people’s interest.

Facebook introduces “signals ” such as pages users “like” and what they share about themselves to aim advertising.

Zuckerberg told about the business of backing the social network with aimed ads, “ Sometimes this means people assume we do things that we don’t do”. He added, “For example, we don’t sell people’s data, even though it’s often reported that we do ”.

Selling user data would not only spoil essential trust in the social network, but it would also go against the business concerns of Facebook because rivals could use it to engage for advertising, he gave as a reason.  

The users also get controls regarding information used for advertisements aiming and lets them block advertisers, highlighted by Zuckerberg.

Condemnation of Facebook has included the social media network being used as an intersecting surface for spreading any kind of information or misleading about any matter, as was the case during the 2016 election that put US President Donald Trump in the White House.

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