Restricting Messaging Limit WhatsApp to Restrain Viral Misinformation - TNBC USA

Since the past two years, a group of people in India have been murdered by the agitated crowd induced by the rumours on the global messaging service, Whatsapp with 1.5 billion users. The Facebook-led app has also played the role of host to provide misinformation campaigns in multiple countries, a recent report discovered, including in Brazil, Mexico and Pakistan. And unlike interruptive campaigns on the platforms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, the messages on WhatsApp are secured with the implementation of privacy and encryption, visiting from person to person and to longer groups with fewer ways for the company or outside experts for probing where the inciting messages emerged.

The attempt for combating the viral spread of wrong information, Whatsapp is restricting the several numbers of times a user can forward a message, to five. The new international limit comes after the company checked a cap on forwarded messages in July, regulating users in India with the restriction of five messages forward limit and all other users to 20 forwards. India obtains first place in case of forwarded messages, videos, photos and the number of forwarded messages in India crossed the limit of any other company, according to the record of WhatsApp. The previous limit set in the country came after a rise in waves by the violence by a mob inflamed by rumours on the app.

The company told, “Starting today, all users on the latest versions of WhatsApp can now forward to only five chats at once, which will help keep WhatsApp focused on private messaging with close contacts ”. It added, “ We’ll continue to listen to user feedback about their experience, and over time, look for new ways of addressing viral content.


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